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Teaching English in Bremen

If you are interested in teaching English in Bremen do get in touch with us. 

We are always interested in applications from qualified EFL teachers who wish to develop their teaching careers. You should be a native speaker and in possession of a valid EU work permit. We are particularly interested in applicants who have professional backgrounds in areas such as business or engineering as a large proportion of our work is designing and delivering in-company English language programmes.

Our clients range from small family owned companies to large multinationals and cover many different business sectors from manufacturing to business professionals in the service sector. 

We are able to offer varied and interesting work and you will be given a high degree of independence in your selection of teaching materials, which should of course be relevant to the client's level and needs. We are not limited to a particular teaching methodology. In this respect being a small independent training company puts us at an advantage as it means we are genuinely able to focus on meeting the language needs of our clients. What's more, while we subscribe to the communicative approach, we also believe that teaching methods may have to be adapted to meet the particular learning styles that people feel comfortable with.  In short, we do not believe in a "one cap fits all" approach. 

Finally, what's it like to live in Bremen? Well it's an atttractive city with a lot to offer culturally. It also has a great range of bars and restaurants that you would expect from one of the main tourist cities in Germany. It's also worth mentioning that thanks to it being a major hub for Ryanair there are excellent and cheap (!) flight connections to many other cities in Europe. 

So if you are interested in teaching English in Bremen, what are you waiting for? Contact us today - we'd love to hear from you!

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